Water Proofing

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Waterproofing Contractors

Blue Synergy offers professional waterproofing services for both commercial and residential buildings in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Ensuring that you take your waterproofing into consideration for the health of your family and customers as well as for the longevity, safety and integrity of your building is of the utmost importance. At Blue Synergy, we are expert waterproofing contractors. We ascertain where the potential vulnerabilities lie in your building as far as water gaining access and causing damage are concerned.

Waterproofing your property is an essential part of building maintenance. People don’t realise that what may seem like a small leak, can often cause serious problems. A roof leak, for instance, is not contained to the roof but can spread throughout the building. The result can be weakened walls, mildew and mould growth, damage to electrical equipment and so on. The potentially dangerous structural problems alone should be enough to spur you on to summons your local waterproofing contractor to assess your building.

Whether you stay in a dry province or a rainy one, preventing water from getting into your building should be a number one priority. As experts in the industry, we advise our customers on the importance of waterproofing and how to go about it correctly.

Hire Blue Synergy for Effective Waterproofing That Won’t Let You Down

When hiring us to do your waterproofing, our expert team will arrive with everything required to get the job done. We guarantee that our supervised maintenance teams are skilled, experienced and dedicated to quick turnarounds and exceptional results. We will provide you with a detailed, all-inclusive quotation on your waterproofing so that there’s no nasty surprises or unexpected fees when the job is completed.

If you’re ready to protect the integrity of your building and its contents as well as the health of your family and/or customers and staff, contact us for more information and advice at Blue Synergy today.