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About Blue Synergy Services

Blue Synergy Paint Contractors are a commercial, industrial and residential painting and building maintenance contractor in the Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town areas. Our team is renowned for our customer service, extensive industry experience and qualified work force that falls in line with all Health and Safety requirements.

We understand that painting your asset is a grudge purchase as it can be expensive and time consuming depending on the size of the building. However once the project has been correctly and professionally coated, the visual satisfaction along with the peace of mind that the building is completely protected for the next 5-10 years makes the entire transaction worth while.

Our philosophy is simple, we believe that the preparation to any building, that being the cleaning process with a high pressure hose, chipping of corroding plaster, rebuilding of expansion joints and re-plastering of old plaster is the most important part of any project. Only once you have prepared the wall surfaces correctly should you proceed with priming and painting. This is where many companies fall short as it is the most time consuming part of any project.

When it comes to treating wood we suggest you maintain every 2-3 years, this ensures that the wood stays in good condition and extends the actual life span of the wood, protecting the wood from rotting and corrosion.

As our portfolio continues to grow, and along with the great references we receive from our repeat customers we keep adding new areas of expertise to our service offering. Building maintenance and alteration work has become a big part of our scope of work. We have set up a dedicated team that deals with all maintenance and alteration work across the board.

Our goal is to become the go-to company for all your projects. Our innovative approach to surface coatings and maintenance, combined with the time we take to find eco-conscious alternatives to property maintenance, makes us the ideal choice for your residential and commercial projects. We are passionate about what we do and we will deliver the scope of work on time and within budget, every time.

Our Mission

To provide innovative solutions for all building facility requirements in an environmentally friendly manner, effectively and efficiently.


Customer focused: we build successful partnerships with our customers
Deliver on commitments: we do what we say we will do
Passion for excellence: we strive to be the best in everything we do, every day
Winning together: we develop, share and use our personal strengths to win as a team

Our services include:

  • Commercial painting
  • • Industrial coatings
  • • Exterior painting
  • • Interior painting
  • • Apartment buildings
  • • Residential estates
  • • Wall coverings and specialty finishes
  • • Wood varnishing and decking treatment
  • • Tiling and cladding
  • • Brickwork and plastering

About the owner: James Lombard

James has extensive experience in project management in the industrial and commercial sector. He has managed the construction of large warehouses as well as intermediate commercial buildings. Over the course of his career he has found that the coatings industry is the most interesting and this is the area of his business that he excels in.

Our Vision

Regardless of the project size and scope, our philosophy stays the same:

“Get to know our customers and give them exactly what they want and need.”

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